Thank you for visiting my web site. Here you’ll find information about everything I collect.

My interests include stamps, postcards, postal history (old envelopes), small Essex County antiques & collectibles, Ambassador Bridge collectibles, Jack Miner goose bands & last but certainly not least – Boblo Island Amusement Park souvenirs & items related to Bob lo.

Furthermore, I am a member of the Postal History Society of Canada where I am the Publicity Director and also, the British North American Philatelic Society. I am a member of the Essex County Historical Society and we keep track of the old historic buildings in Windsor & the county. We also publish books and pamphlets with information on the sites.

On eBay I operate under the nickname LACUMO. "What does this stand for?" you ask. I am an avid collector of Three Stooges items. I am sure that you can now figure out what my nickname stands for. Here's a hint just incase you can't - Larry, Curly, Moe! Be sure to visit my eBay store.

Below you can look at the picture galleries of items I collect. But, if you have anything that might be of interest to me, for sale, please contact me. My email address is

David L. Newman


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Postal History Society of Canada
Boblo Boat Restoration
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