Boblo Island is a small island at the mouth of the Detroit River where it empties into Lake Erie. It was once called Bois Blanc. For a detailed history, please read my article in the Walkerville Times newspaper. It appears on the newspaper’s web site at .

Bob lo, in recent history was an amusement park. Every summer thousands of people drove to Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada to take a small ferry, call the Pappoose, over to the island. On the American side, Detroit, you boarded 1 of 2 ships. The larger was the S.S. Columbia and her sister ship was the S.S. Ste. Clair.

Once on the island you had a choice of dozens of rides or things to do. Some rides were the Aeroplane ride, Pony Rides, Tilt-A-Whirl, train, bumper (Dodge’m) cars, zoo, merry go round, antique cars, swan rides, log ride, giant slide, Ferris wheels & the cork screw roller coaster – just to name a few. There was also the shooting gallery (now at Cedar Point), lots of places to eat & rest, arcade, haunted house, souvenir store & mini golf. Most of these places & rides had postcards made of them. The souvenir store was wall to wall toys. Some of the toys & souvenirs from my collection are shown on this page. If you want Boblo souvenir items just to go my eBay store. If you have a Bob lo item for sale please contact me.


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